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Support Our Schools This Election Day

Dear Friend:

Today is election day, and if you haven't already voted by mail, I hope you will make sure to get out and vote today. (If you have a vote-by-mail ballot, you can't mail it, you must drop it off at a ballot box in your county if you want your vote to count.)

This is a vital election for our schools. Every vote is extremely important!

I have been traveling the state over the past three months talking about how our schools have continued to provide great programs despite over $20 billion in cuts. We are still helping our students prepare for college or career. But make no mistake, the fiscal emergency facing our schools continues to worsen -- and the prospect of more cuts is an outcome we must avoid.

That's why I am supporting on today's ballot three measures that could provide much-needed revenue for our schools. As a teacher, coach, and superintendent, I urge you to vote for Proposition 30, Proposition 38, and Proposition 39 to support public education.

Voting Yes for Education is the best strategy to ensure our schools receive resources they urgently need.

Props 30, 38, and 39 each provide revenue for our schools, but they work in different ways. The election, however, appears so close that I encourage you not to pick and choose.

I believe the best choice for supporters of our public schools is to vote Yes-Yes-Yes on 30, 38, and 39 for education and our students.

My other strong suggestion for today's election is for a No vote on Proposition 32. This is a misleading proposition. It's not a real campaign finance reform measure, and that's why I've joined leading newspapers across the state in urging a No vote on 32.

If you need help finding your local polling place, you can check your county's elections office web site (click here to see a list from the Secretary of State's office). Polls are open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Please vote Yes on 30, 38, and 39 and No on 32. I appreciate your support and look forward to continuing the progress we've made fighting for California's students.

Best regards,