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36 Days Left: Sprinting Towards the Election!

Dear Friend:

There are only 36 days remaining until the November 2 run-off election for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I am traveling around the state to talk with voters about how I will fight each day to put our kids first and restore our public schools to the top ranks in the nation.

As our campaign marathon heads into the final sprint before the election, I need your help today to ensure I can reach millions of California voters before they cast their ballots.

September 30 marks a major campaign finance reporting deadline. Vote-by-mail ballots will be sent out next week. Please help me build momentum for the campaign's final month. Can you make a donation today of $5, $25, $50, or any amount you can afford?

Your donation will, for example, help me purchase television advertising time and reach millions of California voters during the final weeks of the election. My 60-second ad focuses on a portion of my education reform agenda: restoring career technical education, improving our students' performance in math and science, and making sure every child has a healthy start.

Tom's Upcoming Events & Fundraisers
As a teacher and coach, I know how important it is to bring people together to solve problems. That is why I have worked so hard to put together the broadest and largest group of endorsers of any candidate in this race: with individuals and groups representing educators, parents, business, public safety, and labor, among many others.

Your donation to my campaign today will help my campaign team know just how much advertising time we can purchase between now and election day. Can you make a donation today to help me reach more California voters before election day?

Best regards,

P.S. As a teacher who has visited nearly 150 schools around the state, I know the real reform measures we need to put into place as we fully fund our schools. You can help me so much today by making a donation and telling your friends and networks about my campaign.

Contributions to the Committee are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

The California Political Reform Act places limits on contributions (including loans) to candidates for state office, and imposes certain prohibitions. This request does not seek a contribution in excess of applicable limits or from prohibited sources. An individual, union, political action committee, association, committee, partnership, business, or corporation may contribute a maximum of $6,500 to the committee per election. A registered Small Contributor Committee may contribute a maximum of $12,900 to the committee per election.

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