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A history to be learned

La Opinión
August 6, 2008

California’s students should learn California’s history and the contributions made by our state’s men and women to the progress of the US. It is unacceptable that the teaching of this history is not being updated and it unfairly leaves out important facts about our national history.

For example, the case of Méndez vs. Westminster — in which Latino parents sued the School District for segregation — was a historic legal triumph in California. This verdict was the precedent for Brown vs. Board of Education, the case that ended school segregation nationwide. Nevertheless, California schools ignore this fact. Thus, we support Bill AB531, introduced by Assembly Member Mary Salas (D-Chula Vista) to put the Méndez case into state history books.

There are other bills like this that aim to put more information into history texts concerning the contributions of and obstacles facing the various communities which make up the ethnic mosaic of California.

Among these, and those which will be upcoming, we support Bill AB1097, introduced by Senator Tom Torlakson (D-Antioch). It mandates the State Board of Education to be more flexible concerning curriculum changes, and not have to wait ten years for a committee meeting to make changes.

The governor has opposed signing measures that put new demands on the curriculum. We believe that he should at the very least sign the Salas bill, due to its historic significance, and the Torlakson bill because it establishes a process for updating the curriculum themes to be taught in California schools.

And we must remember one basic fact about history: those who do not learn it are doomed to repeat it.

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