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Doing What's Best for California Kids

To do what's best for California children.

That's the guiding principle for the decisions I make each day as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. It's why, as a teacher and coach, I decided to seek public office. It's why I ran to become California's state schools chief.

And It's why I sponsored legislation (AB 484) to change the way we assess our students. I believe it's time to move away from No Child Left Behind's inflexibility and teaching-to-the-test mentality. It's time to transform our schools and leave these bubble tests behind.

I was proud to stand with Governor Brown, legislative leaders, and leading educators to do what's best for California students last week. Some bureaucrats may prefer we continue to force our students to take outdated bubble tests.

But I'm here to do what's best for California students. I'm here to help prepare our students for the future. I'm here to ensure all our students receive the world-class education they deserve.

Please make a $5 donation to send a message that we know what's best for California's students.

It's time to transition to assessments that will ask students not to choose the right bubble, but instead ask them to reason through problems and think in-depth about what they've read. It's time for a move to tests requiring our students to think creatively to solve problems in order to do well.

Reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving: these are skills worth fighting for. These are 21st century skills our students will need to ensure they enjoy success in career or college.

Our goals for 21st century learning, and the road ahead, are clear. We won't reach them by continuing to look in the rear-view mirror with outdated tests -- no matter how it sits with officials in Washington.

Will you respond by giving $5 to to show that our education movement has real grassroots support, and that attacks on how we educate our children will only make us work harder?

Best regards,
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