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Teaching kids is Tom's life’s work. As a teacher and a coach, Tom has always considered it a privilege to serve California’s children.

Whether it’s in the classroom, before and after school, or for the past three years as State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom's guiding principle is simple: doing what’s right for kids.

California’s schools are making progress. We’ve stopped the painful budget cuts and begun to invest in our children and our schools again. Graduation rates are at an all-time high and test scores are near their peak.

Of course, there’s much more to do – expanding career training, updating school technology, expanding access to the arts, and helping every child get off to the right start with access to quality preschool programs.

Please take a moment and join Tom's team today. And let's help Tom keep working to build a brighter future for California’s kids.


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endorsed 2014-06-10 09:45:52 -0700
endorsed 2014-05-30 08:58:45 -0700
Alliance for California Adult Schools endorsed 2014-05-30 07:57:37 -0700
Please support our effort to secure designated funding for K-12 adult ed in CA.
posted about this on Facebook 2014-05-29 09:53:51 -0700
I'm endorsing @TomTorlakson for re-election as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Please join me!
endorsed 2014-05-29 09:50:59 -0700
California Voters – I am endorsing Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. As an educator and a parent, I have seen first-hand the improvements that have been made during his tenure.
endorsed via 2014-05-28 07:21:14 -0700
Tom Torlakson is the only qualified candidate for State Superintendent. The education of our state’s children is his interest.
CTA endorsed 2014-05-25 21:49:44 -0700
endorsed 2014-05-24 21:35:58 -0700
endorsed 2014-05-24 19:38:21 -0700
endorsed 2014-05-23 17:17:51 -0700
endorsed 2014-05-21 15:41:47 -0700
We must elect Tom if we want to preserve and improve public education in California!
posted about this on Facebook 2014-05-18 12:16:40 -0700
I'm endorsing @TomTorlakson for re-election as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Please join me!
endorsed via 2014-05-18 12:16:07 -0700
Tom is a teacher, and knows what is needed to provide HEALTHY (emotionally, physically, academically) school environments for ALL kids!!
endorsed via 2014-05-17 23:59:25 -0700
We need Supeintendent Torlakson to continue to lead and be the voice for teachers and children in California. He is our advocate and understands the issues. Tom is not afraid to stand up to politicians and demand what’s right for schools.

Do you have yard signs and car signs? It would be my pleasure to distribute them in San Diego. If you sent me 50, I could probably get all of them into yards!

Karen O’Connor
posted about this on Facebook 2014-05-17 21:01:54 -0700
I'm endorsing @TomTorlakson for re-election as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Please join me!
Cal Poly SCTA endorsed 2014-05-17 18:39:40 -0700
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Student California Teachers Association endorses Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent of Public Instruction!
endorsed via 2014-05-17 16:13:37 -0700
Tom needs to continue the work he has started for California’s students. Please join me in re-electing him as State Superintendent of Instruction.
posted about this on Facebook 2014-05-17 14:14:24 -0700
I'm endorsing @TomTorlakson for re-election as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Please join me!
endorsed 2014-05-17 14:10:26 -0700
Tom is by the best and most qualified candidate who has the interests of both students and teachers. We need a strong independent leader like Tom who won’t kowtow to special interests or the federal government.
endorsed 2014-05-16 23:13:44 -0700
Tom Torlakson is the BEST candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. He has our students’ and schools’ best interests at heart; he has extensive knowledge of education and years of public service as an elected official. He has integrity and is dedicated to improving the lives of our students. He deserves to be re-elected and continue to good work he has been doing.

Don’t be fooled by his opponent’s ads…Tom is the one you want to running our schools.

Tell your friends and VOTE for Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent.
endorsed 2014-05-16 12:15:00 -0700
endorsed 2014-05-13 17:57:22 -0700
As a child, I attended Fremont Elementary and I remember that Tom Torlakson made regular visits to the school. He is the best person for the job!
endorsed 2014-05-13 17:18:09 -0700
I worked with Tom at Pacifica H.S. in the 1970’s. We’ve stayed in contact over the years. I know Tom to be passionate and dedicated to every student in the state. He is honest, hard-working, and knowledgeable. The very best candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction!
Fresno County Democratic Women's Club endorsed 2014-05-13 09:46:50 -0700
endorsed 2014-05-12 15:26:06 -0700
I heartily endorse Tom. After looking at every left of center/labor union/democrat politician endorsement, I know Tom will not have to make the tough choices. He will just have to suck up to his left wing constituencies.

For a guy like Tom, sucking is easy!
endorsed 2014-05-11 15:32:11 -0700
endorsed 2014-05-09 11:17:40 -0700

Keep up your good works…great job!
endorsed 2014-05-08 11:56:48 -0700

Bless you for all you do.

We invite you to come to the City of El Monte and participate for at least one hour

in our El Monte Rosemead Adult School’s outstanding Parent Education through Parent/Adult Family Members Participation Classes.

Little ones from age one to four sttend classes side by side with an adult family member twice weekly for three full learning sessions under the direction of a skilled Early Childhood Expert and an equally skilled Instructkonal Assistant.

This program began in 1936 and can boast of having belped cbildren succed in school and beyond. Teacbers, attorneys, doctors, busi.essmen and women have been products of this wo.derful program, which is far superior to preKinder, preschool, Headstart, etc.


Great learning for you!!!!! Great Campaign It!!!

Good luck.

David Proud Grandparent Student with my 3year old Gabriito
endorsed 2014-05-08 08:55:05 -0700
endorsed 2014-05-07 21:44:51 -0700
I met Tom at a fundraiser when he ran the first time in Hacienda Heights, CA. Feel free to use my name as an endorsement. My family and I are getting the word out. Best wishes.
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