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Fighting Back Against Special Interests

I just finished taping the final State Superintendent of Public Instruction debate in Fremont. The debate will air on Sunday afternoon in the Bay Area and will also be available on-line.

I am fired up for the final 12 days of this campaign. Today's debate, like the last few weeks of this campaign, illustrates the clear choice that voters must make on November 2nd.

My opponent represents the bloated central school bureacracy and a radical top-down Sacramento approach. I am committed to using the skills I learned in the classroom and as a coach to bring students, parents, teachers, administrators, and a bipartisan coalition of community members and business leaders together to achieve solutions to the serious problems facing our schools.

In just the past few weeks, my opponent's campaign has received over one million dollars from a Sacramento lobbying organization for school district bureaucrats who want to protect their bloated salaries and perks instead of putting education money in the classrooms for our kids. They are using this money to attack our campaign with misleading and false advertisements.

Why have they done this?

Because to the entrenched special interests, change is scary. They will fight to the bitter end to protect their piece of the pie and their bloated salaries and perks.

We must show the same commitment and fight for our kids.

With the support of classroom teachers, police officers, nurses, and school reformers across California, we are leading this race. But, there are still many undecided voters and we need the resources to compete with the outside spending campaigns that are attacking us with false negative ads.

We can't let them get away with this. And that is why I need your help today.

We have only 12 days left until Election Day. I need your help to finish the job we started. We must now begin to place our television ads and I need to make sure we reach out to all voters in this campaign.

Please consider making a contribution right now. I really need your help.

Teaching has been my life—and my passion—for the past 37 years. As a classroom teacher, coach, legislator, and parent, I know that our policies must be based on a simple question: What is in the best interest of our children? Not bureaucrats and not politicians. It's time we had a teacher who will put children first and fundamentally reform our schools.

Please join my fight to take back our school system, stop politics as usual, and put a teacher into the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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