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Former State Superintendent Delaine Eastin Endorsement

Torlakson kicked off his campaign for State Superintendent of Schools in Contra Costa County, where he got his start as a classroom teacher

CONCORD, CA--In a passionate speech about the importance of education in California, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin endorsed Tom Torlakson's candidacy for her former post on Friday at his campaign kick-off luncheon, calling him "the best person for the job."

Torlakson said Eastin's endorsement is special to him because of her successes on behalf of children during her tenure as the State's School Chief. "I am deeply honored to have Delaine Eastin's support for State Superintendent of Public Instruction," said Torlakson. "Her dedication to children and teaching are a personal inspiration, and her support means the world to me."

Easton inspirational message and call to action can be viewed here. During her speech, she said, "I am here because I am for children. Flat out, the number one priority of this state, of this nation and this world should be our children. I think the State of California needs a State Superintendent of Public Instruction that is for children. So I am here to endorse Tom Torlakson as State Superintendent of Public Instruction."

Improving our state's public education system has been a top legislative priority for Torlakson, a teacher and coach for more than 25 years. Bills he has authored include a bond act for school building modernization and construction, legislation to create and expand after school programs, a measure to increase funding to our lowest income schools, and efforts to increase funding for textbooks and other instructional materials.

While a member of the State Senate, Tom ended his term as the chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Tom also chaired the Senate Select Committee on Schools and Community and was a member of the Education Committee and the Transportation and Housing Committee.

Torlakson's career in public service began as a science teacher in 1972. As a teacher he served on the Antioch City Council and then went on to serve 16 years on the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors. Torlakson served two terms in the California State Assembly before being elected to the State Senate in 2000. He is currently serving his remaining term in the State Assembly.

"We have to do what is necessary to make our schools great again," said Torlakson. "We have to do it if we want to keep our economy strong. We have to do it if we want to succeed in a competitive world. Most of all, we have an obligation to our children to give them the very best we can. We really have no choice."

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