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Improving Schools


Tom Torlakson knows that improving our schools starts by investing in our schools so that we have smaller class sizes and strong academics -- as well as access to art, music and other programs that provide a well-rounded education.

  • Working closely with Governor Jerry Brown, Torlakson took a leading role in bringing parents, teachers and community leaders together to end the budget cuts to education.

  • Torlakson knows that parent involvement goes hand in hand with good schools -- and decisions about our education dollars are best made by local schools, parents and teachers themselves -- not politicians in Washington or Sacramento. Torlakson helped turn $13 billion in use-it-or-lose-it state programs back over to local schools.

  • Torlakson helped create a new funding system to direct more money to schools that need the most help -- so a high-quality public school is available in every neighborhood.

  • There’s still work to be done, but in just three years on the job, Torlakson is helping turn California’s schools around. The number of high-school dropouts is falling. Test scores and student performance is improving, and graduation rates are now at 80 percent -- an all-time high for California.