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Registering to Vote and the Pre-Election Push

There are now only 17 days remaining until the June 8 election. I am working every day to talk to voters about what I will do as State Superintendent of Public Instruction to use my experience as a teacher and legislator to fix the crisis facing our schools and children. I need your help today to reach more voters before they cast their ballots.

I want to spread the word about the real reforms that are working to parents, teachers, and other schools across California. I want to fight to fully fund our schools so parents know they can send their children to a safe, quality school in their own neighborhood.

As election day rapidly approaches, the first step is to make sure you are registered to vote. The postmark deadline for voter registration forms is Monday, May 24. If you are not registered to vote, or if you have recently moved, changed your name, or wish to change parties, your voter registration form must be postmarked by Monday in order to be eligible to vote in this election. Click here to download a voter registration form or to receive more information about the process.

As a teacher and coach, I know how important it is to bring people together to solve problems. That is why I have worked so hard to put together the broadest and largest group of endorsers of any candidate in this race: with individuals and groups representing educators, parents, public safety, business, and labor. I've also recently been endorsed by the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association, California Faculty Association, California Association of Bilingual Educators, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, among many others.

I am also working with my team to purchase television advertising time for the final weeks of the election. My 60-second ad focuses on a portion of my education reform agenda: restoring career technical education, improving our students' performance in math and science, and making sure every child has a healthy start.

Your donation to my campaign today will help my campaign team know just how much advertising time we can purchase between now and election day. This is an important way for me to reach new voters. Can you make a donation of $5, $25, $50, or any amount you can afford, to help me reach new people with our message about restoring our public schools to the top rank in the nation?

Best regards,

P.S. As a teacher who has visited nearly 150 schools around the state, I know the real reform measures we need to put into place as we fully fund our schools. You can help me so much today by making a donation and telling your friends and networks about my campaign.

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