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Signing the Higher Education Pledge

Tom was pleased to have the opportunity to become the first statewide candidate to sign the California College Democrats' Higher Education Pledge. I thought you might like to see an email recently sent out by the California College Democrats, and you can also sign the pledge by clicking here.

Assemblyman Tom Torlakson, second-generation teacher and candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, has signed our higher education pledge!

The pledge states, "I believe that funding higher education in California is a vital investment in the future of our state. I will work to increase state funding and lower student fees in order to improve the quality and affordability of California's three public higher education systems."

By signing, Assemblyman Torlakson affirmed his commitment to public higher education. He said, "California's public higher education system is one of the jewels of our state, and one of the reasons we have enjoyed such a vibrant economy. As State Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will fight to improve and securely fund our entire public education system: including preschool, kindergarten through 12th grade, and our higher education systems."

[Tom Torlakson's signature on our higher ed pledge]

In the past few months we've been tireless advocates for our colleges and universities, but our work is far from over. We need to keep pushing elected officials to protect higher education, and, with it, the California Dream.

If you haven't already, please co-sign our higher education pledge! Urge the candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Superintendent of Public Instruction to sign themselves, and go on record in support of higher education!

As students, we know the importance of higher education. However, recent budget cuts have left our public universities on the brink, and they need all the help they can get.

This year, we will choose the leaders to guide us through the worst recession in a generation. Though times are tough, we need to make sure they have the right priorities--including higher education, one of the best investments we can make and the very foundation of our future.

We need our candidates--right now, during their campaigns--to publicly affirm their commitment to higher education. Put your name next to ours, and ask them to sign our pledge.

Assemblyman Torlakson has already committed to protecting higher education. Please co-sign our pledge, and urge other candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Superintendent of Public Instruction to join him.

Thanks for your help.


Ian Magruder
President, California College Democrats

P.S. Every signature counts. Please forward this email to five friends, and help build momentum for our pledge.

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