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Sprint to the Election in Concord on May 15

The election has started! Vote-by-mail ballots are now arriving in mailboxes for the June 8 primary election, and I have even seen on Facebook the first reports of people who have honored me with their vote.

This last month before June 8's election day is going to be key to my campaign's success. I am talking every day to people about my education reform plan and seeking to expand my network of supporters. I am doing all I can to ensure I have the resources needed to reach even more California voters.

As part of this effort, I hope you will join me on Saturday, May 15, for the "Sprint to the Election" pasta, fruit, and salad dinner in Concord. It promises to be a night of food, fun, and entertainment. You can click here to purchase your ticket.

If you are unable to make it, you can also make a contribution to support my campaign's outreach efforts before the election. I appreciate your support and hope to see you on Saturday!

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