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Students Need Our Help

The educational opportunities and jobs available to our students after they graduate increasingly require the use of high-tech skills and abilities.

children_at_computer_275.jpgTechnology is changing nearly every aspect of our lives. But in California--home to Silicon Valley and the world's leading technology companies--too many students and schools have been left out of this technology revolution.

We need to take action to ensure every one of our students can access the tools and skills needed to be ready to succeed in career or college.

My Education Technology Task Force highlighted the need to do more to ensure our low-income and rural communities have modern technology and high-speed internet access.

I believe we must update and expand the federal E-Rate program. This will help us ensure our schools and libraries have the resources needed to give every student access to these vital tools.

I've also agreed to co-chair the Council of Chief State School Officers' Digital Learning Task Force to help coordinate national efforts to improve student access to technology and broadband connectivity.

There have been several exciting developments in this area. President Obama last month announced the ConnectED initiative and just a few days ago the Federal Communications Commission announced it was launching a thorough review of the E-Rate program.

I need your help to make sure our state and nation take the necessary steps to ensure we leave no child left offline. Please sign my petition to ask the Federal Communications Commission to update the E-rate program.

I will share the signatures with FCC Commissioners and other people working to ensure this digital divide does not become the next achievement gap.

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