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The Million Dollar Question

With less than two weeks to go until election day, I wanted to share with you the news that one donor has made a one million dollar contribution to an "independent expenditure" campaign supporting my main opponent.

That's right. One individual. One million dollars.

I have worked so hard to build the largest and broadest coalition of supporters among any of the candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. My endorsers represent nearly 3 million people around the state. I have supporters in every region of our Golden State, including in my opponents' home areas.

I am proud of the team supporting me! And, as a former high school coach, I know how strong a team can prove in a race against an individual.

As we get ready for the last days of this primary campaign, we need to increase our outreach efforts, including buying more television advertising to counter this huge donation and the commercials it has purchased for my opponent.

Can you help today show the strength of numbers--of our team--by making a donation to help me increase my pre-election outreach efforts?

Your donation today of $10, $25, $100 (or whatever you could afford) will be a big boost to my efforts to reach California voters to tell them about some of my plans to restore California's public schools to the very top ranks in the nation. You can see the 30-second version and the 60-second version of the television ad.

I am proud that we have built a campaign supported by 3 million California parents, teachers, classified school employees, police, firefighters, nurses, building trades and labor families, business leaders, and small business owners.

As State Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will work tirelessly to ensure parents can send their children to a safe, high-quality school in their own neighborhood. I will fight for every student!

I need your help today. Please donate what you can and help spread the word about my campaign to your friends and contacts. Help me today respond to the "one million dollar question" we now face.

Thank you. Together, we'll win this fight for our children's future!

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