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Why Congressman John Garamendi Supports Tom

Congressman John Garamendi sent out an e-mail today to explain why he supports Tom for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The text of Rep. Garamendi's email follows below:

California's public schools face severe challenges today. That's why the vote you will cast on June 8 for California's next education leader, our new State Superintendent of Public Instruction, is so important.

As Lt. Governor, I saw how essential it is for California to have statewide elected officials who will fight each day to put our kids first and champion our public schools.

That's why I am supporting Tom Torlakson to be our next State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Tom Torlakson has applied his experience as a science teacher and high school coach to reform the way public education works in California. He is a problem-solver who brings people together to find solutions to difficult problems. Tom has fought to improve student nutrition and physical education, give schools the funding they need to ensure academic achievement, and reduce the dropout rate.

During his career, Tom has been a champion of our public schools, working diligently to improve their quality and protect their funding. In 1998, he was the key architect of a successful state school construction bond—one that has been the model for subsequent voter-approved measures. His legislation led to the creation, and expansion to nearly 4,000 schools, of California's after school programs. Tom authored the Quality Education Improvement Act in 2006 to dedicate nearly $3 billion to our lowest performing schools, targeting resources to close the achievement gap.

As Superintendent for Public Instruction, Tom will work tirelessly to ensure parents can send their children to a safe, quality school in their own neighborhood. He wants to expand career and technical education for high school students, protect college-prep courses and arts and music programs, and make sure the management of local school districts measures up to the highest standards of excellence.

Tom needs your help today. There is a major campaign reporting deadline coming up on March 17. Your contribution will help Tom have the resources to reach California voters. Contributions of $10, $25 and $100 will make a difference!

Your endorsement of Tom, and your willingness to let your friends and neighbors know about him and his campaign, will also help Tom build a team that will win on June 8!

I know Tom Torlakson is a teacher and leader who will fight each and every day for our kids. Please join me on his campaign team today! You can endorse him on his web site.


John Garamendi
Member of Congress

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