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With 1 Day To Go, Please Help Spread The Word

Dear Friend:

Election day is tomorrow. The long race to the election has almost reached its conclusion. I know from experience, from the races I've run as an athlete and as a candidate, how important the final sprint to the finish line can be to victory.

I'm a veteran of close and hard-fought campaigns. But this one is as tough as any we have faced. Supporters of my opponent, in fact, have spent more than a million dollars in the past two weeks on ads attacking me for my years of service as a County Supervisor and State Legislator.

It is going to be a close race. Many voters remain undecided. I need your help today to contact these undecided voters about my campaign. We need to tell as many Californians as possible about my plans to fight for our kids and restore our schools to the top ranks in the nation.

That's why I am writing to you now. Can you help me today by telling your family, friends, and networks about my campaign? You can use the "Spread the Word" function on my web site and also suggest my Facebook page to your friends.

I am proud of the diverse group of supporters who have rallied behind me--parents and students; school board members and administrators; business and labor leaders; top Republicans and Democrats.

What a great coalition! I am proud of my record of bringing people together to forge solutions to difficult problems. It is the same style I had as a coach--encouraging and empowering every member of my teams to make personal improvements and to cheer on every other member of the team.

Teaching has been my life--and my passion--for the past 38 years. As a classroom teacher, coach, legislator and parent, I know that our policies must be based on a simple question: What is in the best interest of our children? Not bureaucrats and not politicians. It's time we had a teacher who will put children first and fundamentally reform our schools.

Please help "Spread the Word" to your family, friends, and contacts. I am honored by all the support I've received so far. I am working to ensure I have a strong finish to the election finish line.

Best regards,

P.S. In addition to "Spreading the Word," you can also help my campaign by making a contribution to help with my race-to-the-finish expenses, like my television advertising. I truly appreciate any contribution you can make today! I also hope you will join me for my Election Night Party at my campaign headquarters, 2737 Clayton Road, in Concord after we finish getting out the vote!

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