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You Decide


As a teacher and coach, I know from experience that the best answers for our schools don't come from Washington, D.C., Sacramento, or Wall Street. 

That’s why I’m working to give parents, teachers and communities more power to decide what's best for the children they serve. We are in the midst of carrying out Governor Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula to empower parents, teachers, and local school leaders to make their own decisions about how education dollars are spent.

How about you? What priorities do you have for improving the schools in your community? 

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signed 2014-04-15 14:02:28 -0700
I would hope that everyone is reminded about the classified support staff that provide a clean safe environment for learning form one on one instruction, transportation, food and nutrition services , clerical support, maintenance / custodial etc. they often overlooked as the invisible infrastructure that helps teachers teach and students learn. Thank you Allan Clark
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